Friday, 9 August 2013

Adiponectin and Raspberry Ketones

In bottles of the raspberry ketone weight management supplements, there are written claims on it that it can reduce weight gain and promote weight loss. Many people might be wondering how this claim actually works in the human body through the usage of the simple and natural raspberry ketone.

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The manufacturers claim that raspberry ketones help in melting away fats by burning it faster. Another function of raspberry ketone is to speed up the metabolic process of the human body. More specifically, raspberry ketones promote weight loss by stimulating the release of adiponectin. Adiponectin is a naturally occurring hormone in the body that burns fat and enhances insulin sensitivity. This means that adiponectin works continuously in the body to perform these functions. However, when a person eats too many, the probability is that these hormones would be overwhelmed. When this happen, the tendency is that calories will be burned in a slow rate resulting to fats.

Intake of raspberry ketones help in the release of this hormone thereby fats is burned in a faster rate as well as creating a boost in the metabolism. Experts advise that consumption of raspberry ketone be done with regular exercise and diet for more positive results so as to help the hormones in the body in burning the calories that were consumed. Experts also strongly suggest that doctor consultation should be done prior to trying raspberry ketone supplements, as these may not be suitable for all people. There are actually a list of health issues and conditions contraindicated to raspberry ketone intake.

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