Friday, 9 August 2013

Who are Not Allowed to Take Raspberry Ketone?

The newly discovered uses and benefits of the raspberry ketone are enough to tempt almost anyone to try it out. Not only is it a natural extract but so far, no serious side effects were recorded as an effect of the raspberry ketone intake. However, there may be some people who should stop themselves from consuming or ever trying to take raspberry ketone products and supplements as it may have adverse effects on them. With that many people might ask - Who are not allowed to take raspberry ketone?

People allergic to berries, especially raspberries and blueberries

People who are allergic to raspberries in general should not use this, as it will trigger allergic reactions that may vary from simple reactions to complex and life threatening ones.

Those with heart issues

People who also happen to have other health complications should consult a doctor first if it would be safe to consume and no harmful drug and food reactions will happen.

Those who are in special conditions such as pregnancy and breastfeeding

Generally, women who are under these conditions should not take diet supplements.

Children should not use raspberry ketones. 

Effects to children’s bodies upon consumption of these are still unknown and a large dosage may impose health hazards.

People who are taking other medications

Ask the doctor if it would be safe to take all these medications simultaneously.

Because it is a natural fruit extract, it may seem to pose no side effects at all but precautions should still be done to prevent any troubles in the future.

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